Your Security Team is Experienced

When you partner with DeadBolt, you gain a team of seasoned cyber security experts with proven experience securing major targets of frequent cyber-attacks. Your organization faces the same threats as the large enterprises do and deserves the same level of expertise, regardless of your business size and resources. Our team of cyber security analysts have been responsible for protecting highly confidential data and IT operations for:

  • Critical US infrastructure at one of the United States’ largest electrical grid independent system operators (ISO)
  • Highly-sensitive nuclear research being performed for the Department of Energy
  • Large financial institutions’ customer accounts, transactions, and personal information
  • Medical centers that are safeguarding patients’ electronic medical records

DeadBolt applies this knowledge with best-in-class commercially supported tools, as well as internally-developed and open source solutions to double- and triple-check our findings. 

Your Security Team is Vigilant

Cybercrime is continually evolving and new vulnerabilities are being discovered every day. We remain abreast of the growing external and internal threats and integrate that knowledge into all of our services.

Meet DeadBolt’s Team Leaders

Harry Segal

Harry Segal, president and founder of DeadBolt Data Security, has spent more than 35 years dedicated to the information technology industry. He founded DeadBolt to provide information security services to organizations of all sizes with the mission to help advance their data security and ultimately reduce their risk of a security breach.

Harry’s commitment to consistent accuracy and quality of the work performed is delivered with every engagement.

Harry has written articles and been quoted on information security topics, regarding:

  • Methods for organizations to improve their data and network security via penetration testing and security assessments.
  • Efforts within actual businesses proving the need for secure e-mail solutions, data leakage prevention, and web filtering for attack prevention.
  • Early technology alternatives for intrusion prevention.

The articles and quotes have appeared in Network World, Mass High Tech, Financial Executive, Boston Business Journal, Network Computing, and PC World.

Harry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information & Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Contact:

Tyler Murphy

Tyler Murphy is the Lead Cyber Security Analyst at DeadBolt. He is responsible for the successful delivery of DeadBolt Data’s cyber security services.

His involvement with customer projects often includes that of primary cyber security analyst, pen tester, or forensics investigator.

Tyler joined the DeadBolt team in 2014. He brought over eight years of experience in cyber security to DeadBolt.

He holds a Penetration Tester Certification (GPEN) from Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC), one of the most highly-respected providers of Cyber Security Certifications. Additionally, he is certified as a Sourcefire Intrusion Detection Professional, Core Impact Security Professional, and Certified Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking professional (SANS/GPEN).

These credentials, coupled with his 10+ years of experience as:

  • Senior Cyber Security Analyst for 5 years with ISO New England, the entity authorized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to ensure reliable electric transmission grid operations and transmission services within the New England region
  • IT Operations Manager for a software firm that produces electronic trading software which delivers high-performance, low-latency connectivity gateways to 150+ exchanges via its award-winning global data center network
  • During his 4 years at the UChicago Argonne, which operates the Argonne National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), he held Network Admin and Cyber Security Analyst roles in the Department of Nuclear Engineering

All of these positions have involved defending against cyber attacks—both random and targeted—which makes Tyler a rare individual who is well-prepared to deliver informative cyber security assessments and pen tests that contain informative deliverables including knowledge transfer regarding prioritized recommendations for how to best advance your organization’s security.

Tyler holds both a BS in Computer Science/Math from Lewis University. In 2016, he received his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Connecticut. Contact:

During a pen test for a global financial services organization, Tyler was initially finding their external security to be rock solid, but then he discovered an unusual opening due to a smart refrigerator being attached to the corporate network only a week earlier. During the refrigerator’s installation (aided by an IT person), the factory settings—including the admin account—were never modified, nor was the refrigerator security tested internally or externally for vulnerabilities or active ports/services, as best practices recommend.