Your trusted security advisor

Is your IT team facing cyber-attacks that are increasing in frequency and sophistication?

Uncertain whether a successful cyber-attack has been fully mitigated or is still hiding in your network?

Are you juggling more stringent standards and regulations which require more and more internal controls to achieve compliance?


Now more than ever, cyber security expertise is at a premium. To help solve this problem, we created DeadBolt’s On Demand Cyber Security Team program, which takes the confusion out of running a secure environment, or dealing with complex regulatory compliance—leaving you free to focus on other initiatives that can lead directly to growth in your core business areas.

With urgent IT requests often jumping straight to the top of the IT department’s To Do lists, it becomes even more difficult to maintain staff assignments to update security policies and procedures to address important initiatives (e.g., BYOD, hybrid clouds, or integrations with business partners). And yet time must always be found for annual (or more frequent) reviews to maintain a strategy and program that ensures your organization is protected with Information Security policies tailored to address its needs and regulatory requirements—on a budget and timeline that meets your specific needs.

Our Team program provides leadership in creating effective information security programs that dovetail with your current resources to cost-effectively meet strategic information security needs.

Our On Demand Cyber Security Team meets your needs through:

  • Hands-on guidance and training of in-house IT or security staff implementing new security technologies to maximize return on your security investments
  • Security Assessments of new web applications prior to rollout
  • Pen Testing recent infrastructure or application changes
  • Fine tuning of existing security solutions to address new threats or produce more meaningful reports
  • Enabling new executive reporting and security event monitoring
  • Repair of security deployments which have gone awry or are not meeting expectations
  • Annual information security planning
  • On-call strategic and tactical security staff
  • Overseeing security operations during the temporary absence of a full-time CISO
  • 24×7 response to information security incidents

If current workloads, staff experience, or lack of required IT training time are preventing you from properly deploying new security solutions or fine-tuning existing security solutions, Deadbolt’s team can provide a much needed solution.

As an independent third-party that is vendor agnostic and 100% focused on security, DeadBolt’s team has what’s needed to deploy and tune even the most complex security solutions. The result: your projects are completed more quickly, you achieve the maximum return on investment, and you extend the useful life of security products and services.

Get the resources you need to complete important security projects that have been on the back burner for far too long.

Running into roadblocks deploying new security defenses?