Where are your weakest entry points? Our discoveries may surprise you.

Understanding how an attacker can gain access to your data, intellectual property, and computing assets is the first step in defending your organization against a destabilizing and costly attack.

Employing best in class tools, combined with our knowledge of cyber-criminal behavior,  DeadBolt delivers an informative view of your computing environment’s current security profile and deficiencies from the perspective of a determined attacker; providing the best plan of action to address security weaknesses in a prioritized fashion.

By weighing your mission critical processes and data against the vulnerabilities identified, our remediation recommendations focuses your resources first on high-value assets and critical business processes that are at greatest risk.

The right interpretations are critical to successful remediation.

Our deliverables include a concise, high-level report that contains:

  • Executive Summary written in plain English, for non-IT readers
  • Overview, Findings, and Conclusions sections present a list of issues and recommendations
  • High-severity issues which should receive rapid attention are well-emphasized
  • Overall Recommendations and Risk Analysis
  • Links to web resources that provide further perspective

Detailed vulnerability reports are included–as PDF’s and Excel spreadsheets–with the electronic deliverables and contain:

  • Detailed Results with prioritized remediation recommendations and links to informative resources
  • False positive vulnerabilities are clearly identified—to avoid unnecessary remediation efforts
  • Explanation of how each vulnerability may be exploited, the level of difficulty, and the public availability of proven exploits
  • The ramifications of successfully exploited vulnerabilities
  • Related industry and regulatory issues

Do you know where your most serious security vulnerabilities exist?