There’s no such thing as a dumb question…

when it comes to your security.

When you have a hunch something’s wrong, trust your instincts and let us check it out. We’ll quickly perform an investigation of that suspicious email which hints at a possible breach of your network, an opened attachment which is followed by abnormal workstation behavior or diminished application or network performance, or whatever you’re concerned about. The sooner we identify the threat and whether the attacker has been successful, the greater the likelihood of containment.

Our proven digital forensic best practices, along with best-in-class tools and knowledge of the evolving actions of attackers, enable us to collect, preserve and investigate what happened, when it happened, how it happened, and who was involved. If the attacker has left any tracks, we’ll uncover them through an analysis of:

  • User activity
  • Email origination and content
  • External device connections
  • Hardware
  • Mobile devices
  • Network traffic

Most importantly, DeadBolt is there to answer your questions.

  • Define the threat and its origin
  • Identify the extent of exploitation
  • Recommend response and remediation
  • Educate you and your team

Sample Case: Infected Laptop

Our client provided us a laptop infected by malware.  While we uncovered and investigated 50 different types of ‘potentially unwanted adware,’ and 2  Trojans, further investigation revealed several JavaScript files, which were designed to gather data regarding the user’s browsing history and system events, as well as transmitting data to an off-site location. Fortunately, while discovering these files,  DeadBolt was able to confirm that no breach occurred.

Sample Case: Spear Phishing Email

Our client reported a suspicious email and received a same day analysis from DeadBolt that this email was a  key element in an actual Spear Phishing cyber attack. DeadBolt was able to trace the email to the originating party, report the domain to the hosting company, and provide all details of the attack to allow the client to update its filters and search its logs for emails from the same attacker.

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