U. S. businesses are facing cyber attacks every hour of every day. Defeating these attacks is doable in most cases. The first step in building a strong cyber defense for tomorrow is understanding what your organization’s security weaknesses are today.

DeadBolt merges the superior skills and experience of our cybersecurity analysts with the best testing tools available—combining commercially-supported, open-source, and our custom in-house tools—to provide the most accurate, validated test results available.

The validated test results are carefully analyzed by our team of analysts whose goal is to deliver clear, concise, prioritized recommendations to cost-effectively strengthen your business’ cyber security.

Penetration Testing

Penetrating your network is the objective when you hire us to “break into” your network.

Our penetration testing is not complete until we have successfully exploited security weaknesses within your computing environment. We want you to understand how and where your business is most vulnerable. This knowledge enables us to define the best course of action for defeating cyber attacks which target your business.

Vulnerability Assessment

What’s the purpose of having a vulnerability assessment performed on your computing environment’s infrastructure and web applications? The testing which occurs during a vulnerability assessment will reveal all of the vulnerabilities that place your IT computing and data assets at risk.

We evaluate the risks associated with these vulnerabilities—particularly the implications for your most critical assets—along with the difficulty and cost of remediation, and provide you with a realistic game plan for addressing the weaknesses.

IT Risk Assessment

DeadBolt’s comprehensive look at your overall IT environment provides a clear picture of your risk and regulatory requirements. Our team of security experts creates a clear, concise view of how to address your current risk and better manage the risk of future changes in your IT environment.

Regulatory Compliance

Our team reviews and validates your mandated security controls—whether HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FFIEC, ….or state-mandated data privacy regulations—and provides the detailed guidance you need to further build security into your organization. In the process, we’ll set you on the path to practical and sustainable compliance that goes beyond the “letter of the law.”

Does your organization need security testing performed to maintain its information security program?