We know how cybercriminals think, work and act. Have us put your IT infrastructure to the test.

DeadBolt will perform tightly-controlled cyber attacks that target your business’ IT infrastructure for the purpose of exploiting security weaknesses.

The importance of your organization’s Pen Test is that it reveals how well your infrastructure—including its security defenses—is able to defeat active, human-directed cyber attacks which emanate from multiple vectors.

Combining best in class tools with our own highly experienced cybersecurity team, DeadBolt replicates the actions and mentality of cybercriminals whose goal is to gain access to your most valuable assets.

An ethical cybersecurity team that knows how to hack into your systems is the best team to help protect you against cyber attacks. Your Pen Test will reveal:

  • The effectiveness of your security defenses and controls to defeat the attack
  • The detrimental impact of a successful attack upon your business operations
  • Additional vulnerabilities and weaknesses that cannot be detected by automated vulnerability scanning alone
  • More severe vulnerabilities which are discovered after the exploitation of a sequence of lower-risk vulnerabilities
  • The degree of difficulty for a successful real-world attack on your environment
  • Compliance gaps associated with regulatory requirements for your business

We tailor our Pen Testing to those areas deemed most critical, addressing your primary areas of concern.

We document the Pen Test results, and include in-depth exploit details—for both successful and unsuccessful attempts. And we provide screen shots for visual evidence of your environment’s weaknesses and the detrimental implications of a successful real-world attack. The final deliverables include meaningful reports aimed at non-technical and technical readers,  so you and others within your organization will have a solid understanding of the exploitable weaknesses and recommended steps for mitigating the weaknesses.