Practical Compliance

Does your organization handle personally identifiable information (PII), electronic Protected Health information (ePHI), send/receive/store PII within the EU, or operate in markets governed by other data privacy or security regulations? If so, you need to demonstrate compliance to avoid penalties and meet your customers’ and business partners’ expectations.

DeadBolt’s Regulatory Compliance Review provides the detailed guidance you need to proactively build security into your organization so that meeting compliance standards becomes part of the fabric of your organization—and not its exclusive goal.

Our team inventories your data, applications, and infrastructure to understand which requirements must be met. We go beyond baseline requirements to ensure you can achieve certification and pass ongoing audits.

We’ll examine:

  • Knowledge level and attitude of management and personnel
  • Responsiveness to emerging issues and past or self-identified deficiencies
  • Compliance organization structure such as reporting relationships
  • Policies and procedures
  • Training
  • Monitoring and audit programs

Ensuring compliance doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Go beyond “letter of the law” compliance with a DeadBolt Regulatory Compliance Review to create a robust and practical security posture that keeps your customers’ and business partners’ data safe, and keeps your organization’s brand intact.

Know where your HIPAA/HITECH compliance gaps are being overlooked?