DeadBolt believes utilizing best-in-class tools to conduct Pen Tests, Vulnerability Assessments, and Forensics will lead to the best results. Our best practices incorporate the use of commercially-supported tools, internally-developed and open source security tools—all of which are designed to increase the success of our Pen Tests and accuracy of our Vulnerability Assessments.

DeadBolt best practices include double-checking suspected vulnerabilities using two or more testing tools to eliminate false positives, and provide you with the highest level of confidence in all of our findings.

The industry leader in Pen Testing tools for Networks, Systems, Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Social Engineering, and Wireless Networks.

Market leader in tools for vulnerability testing and assessments of Networks, Systems, Web Applications, and Malware Detection. Qualys’ compliance testing tools for PCI and HIPAA/HITECH are best-in-class.

Titania’s Nipper Studio software is our favorite Firewall testing tool. It dives deep into analyzing firewall policies and configurations.